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Content reviewed by Marcy D. Markes, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

At Columbia Allergy and Asthma Specialists, our medical specialists work hard to ensure our full-service medical clinic offers high-quality tests and treatments of allergies, asthma and sinus/respiratory diseases. Through each of the services we offer, our team of allergy, asthma, and sleep specialists strive to provide effective treatments, while being mindful of the associated medical costs and adjustments necessary for our patients’ daily lives.

Whether you think you have allergies or asthma, our medical professionals at Columbia Allergy and Asthma Specialists will provide professional care to you and your loved ones. To learn more about our full-service medical clinic, please click the button below or contact us today to schedule an appointment with our attentive medical specialists.

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What Our Allergy, Asthma, and Sleep Apnea Specialists Do

Through our clinic in Columbia MO, our allergyand asthma specialists will administer specialized tests and create a constructive treatment plan based on your screening results. Once the allergy and asthma treatment plans are created, our medical professionals educate each patient on the treatment process, proper use, associated side effects, and answer any questions you may have.

At Columbia Allergy and Asthma Specialists, our certified medical specialists strive to build a personal, yet professional, relationship with each patient to provide quality care, effective communication, trust, and dependability. When you have a concern, we want you to understand that we will listen and effectively answer each question with your best interest in mind. Feel free to learn more about our allergy, asthma, and sleep apnea services through the button below, or contact our certified specialists today to schedule an appointment.

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Our Allergy, Asthma, and Sleep Apnea Specialists Leadership Team

Dr. Mohammad Jarbou, MD, and Nurse Practitioner Marcy D Markes, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, AE-C, proudly lead the medical specialists at Columbia Allergy and Asthma Specialists. Through both of their accumulated certifications and extensive experience, our patients can rest assured they are getting an accurate evaluation and treatment options for their current allergy, asthma, and sleep apnea challenges. Feel free to learn more about our team or schedule an appointment with our certified specialists through the button below.

Dr. Mohammad Jarbou, MD

  • Board Certified in Pulmonary Medicine
  • Board Certified in Critical Care Medicine
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified in Sleep Medicine

Nurse Practitioner Marcy D Markes, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, AE-C

  • Certified Asthma Educator
  • American Academy of Allergy Asthma Immunology-Member
  • American College of Allergy Asthma Immunology-Member
  • Association of Asthma Educators-Member
  • Missouri Nurses Association-Member
  • American Nurses Association-Member
  • Missouri Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice-Member
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Allergies, Asthma, and Sleep Apnea

When it comes to our full-service specialty clinic, Columbia Allergy and Asthma Specialists, there are several frequently asked questions regarding our services, our medical process, and more. Whether you are interested in knowing if you need an allergy, asthma, or sleep screening or you would like to know more about our medical process, please feel free to check out some of the frequently asked questions below.

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I have been seeing Marcy Markes, MSN, FNP-BC for about a year. She and her assistant Tammy Backman give that “personal” touch with always being available to answer questions in between visits.

Sue Baumgartner

Thank you for taking such good care of me.  All of your TLC has made a difference and is really appreciated.  Best Wishes

Cathy Miller

We first took our daughter to see Marcy Markes in the spring of 2008. She was diagnosed with allergies and asthma when she was 3. We had been to see pediatric specialists at the University, but it was so hard to see them when she was really sick.

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