Good and Bad News


There are a lot of things going on in our area right now.  Some good, some bad.  Let’s do the bad first.

Jefferson City and Eldon were hit hard last week by a tornado.  We volunteered and helped with the clean up as much as we could on Saturday.  It is amazing to see what destruction a tornado can do.  I am still amazed how an entire house can be destroyed, with the roof and walls gone, yet a fish tank sets undisturbed in the center of the home.  Trees with root bases as wide as 5 feet were set over like a bowling pen.  In a matter of seconds to minutes people lives were changed.  How one processes this, I hope to never know.  We hope and pray that our neighbors are sheltered safely soon and can move on with their lives.

Then, the flooding.  Jefferson City again along with our neighbors all over the state are dealing with flooding the likes that was seen in 1993.  Many of you do not remember this, as you were to young.  Those of us that do, water can be just as destructive as the tornado, just in different ways. We again hope that our neighbors are safe and the waters will recede soon to allow everyone to return to safe environments.

If you can help in anyway with the tragedies that have effected those close to us, please call or go onto the United Way website.  They are organizing efforts of volunteers.


Good news—  Kelly is now walking completely in her boot without her scooter.  She is progressing nicely and our hope is that she will be able to get out of the boot soon.  It has been a long process for her and she has weathered some pretty rough patches in the healing of her ankle/foot.

Tammy’s youngest child graduated from high school this past weekend!  WOW–it just seems like yesterday her oldest was starting.  Her babies are certainly all grown up.

Missy has new “grandkittens”.  Her daughter adopted 2 kittens that are adorable.  Missy is very proud of them and shows us pictures often 🙂

As for Melissa and I.  Nothing to exciting over the last few weeks.  Sometimes its good to have normal.