Pollen Update: Where are We in the Season

Well, if you have spring pollen allergies, you are very much in deep at this point in time.  Hopefully, you started your pre-season medications (if needed) on February 1st.  That is the “go to date” I tell patients.  By using February 1st of each year, you are ahead of the pollen season for us, but not by much.  Remember that we get south winds that will bring tree pollen to our area regardless of what our weather is doing.  Many years I have looked outside to see snow and/or ice and freezing temperatures, then check the pollen counts to find that we have “high tree pollen” readings in our area.  Getting ahead of the season prevents you from having to catch up once your symptoms start.  If you are on allergy immunotherapy, remember that the goal of immunotherapy is to lessen the symptoms and hopefully decrease or eliminate the use from medications.  Ultimately, improvement in quality of life is our end goal.  Regardless if it is controlling your itchy eyes, runny nose, congestion or sneezing.  Hopefully, we can control it all.

Summer grasses are also in the air.  Grass is green, growing and needing mowed.  As long as we are having to mow 1-2 times a week, we will have high grass pollen.  Grass season is when we tend to 1/2 allergy injection volumes.  With very high counts outside, and dosing of high concentration of grass extract, we tend to see slightly more reactions.  We want everyone to remain safe in their immunotherapy so as a whole, we 1/2 everyone with grass pollen in their extracts until the season starts to wind down.  Count on that being when things start to “burn up” withe temperatures in the high 90’s to low 100’s.

Weed season starts mid August, right about the time everyone is going back to school.  Our biggest weed in this area is ragweed and when it starts to bloom, people feel it.  It is very similar to that of spring season.  This season will go until there is a frost, so usually October/November time frame.

As always, we want people to remember that being outside is very important.  If you are not able to be outside because of your allergy symptoms, then we need to know about it.  Our goal is that you do everything that you want to do, when you want to do it. Environmental control measure are very important.  Showering when you come in from outside, changing clothes, washing your hair, rinsing your nose and eyes out.  Remember the pets too.  They need bathed in order to keep them from bringing the pollen inside.  NO hanging your clothes out to dry.  You do not want to be wearing a “suit of pollen” all day.

Enjoy your time outside in the sunshine.