Sleep Apnea Test and Treatment Options

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Snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness and chronic fatigue are also special interests of our staff and we do offer home sleep studies for qualifying patients or those that can not tolerate an overnight study in an institutional setting.

The following are symptoms common to sleep apnea:

1. You have been told by others that you snore but you are unaware of it.

2. You have been told that you have pauses in breathing while you sleep.

3. You have high blood pressure.

4. You often get easily irritated.

5. You are unusually grumpy and impatient.

6. You always lack energy and wish you had more.

7. You sweat excessively at night.

8. You are having irregular heartbeats at night.

9. You have an unexplainable headache when you wake up in the morning.

10. You suddenly wake up at night gasping for air.

11. You are overweight.

12. You are losing your sex drive.

13. Feels extremely sleepy during the day.

14. You struggle to keep focus and remain alert.

15. You wake up most of the time with a dry mouth.

16. You have mood swings and feel easily depressed.

17. You cannot concentrate with your daily tasks either at work or at school.

18. You fall asleep when driving.

19. You wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you’re choking.

20. Even if you’ve slept an adequate amount of time, you still feel extremely tired and sleepy during the day.

If these symptoms occur, give us a call at 573-777-4700 to set up a screening today.