Ragweed Season is Upon Us

Fall brings in football games, bon fires, smores and ragweed.  Ragweed, as well as other weeds, start bothering those with allergies in mid-August and will continue until it freezes.  Ragweed can cause symptoms such as asthma flares, runny itchy eyes and nose, congestion, fatigue, post nasal drainage and overall feeling of illness.  Levels can vary though out the season but usually peak in September.  Like the other pollen seasons, pollen levels are the highest from 5-10am.  Outdoor activities should be limited at these times and you should always shower and change clothes after being outside for any extended period of time.  The only proven way to eliminate airborne allergens and help improve symptoms is immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy is the only disease modifying process that truly improves allergy and asthma symptoms.  If you want more information about immunotherapy, give us a call at 573-777-4700 to schedule an evaluation to see if immunotherapy is right for you.