Have you looked at Goodrx.com?



With a new year, comes starting over of our insurance deductibles.  When looking for ways on how to save money, do not forget some of the online resources.  In the clinic, we have found that goodrx.com can save a significant amount of money on prescription medications.  You can only use one source though, rather your insurance, or goodrx.com (or other similar sites). Three examples.  First, a generic nasal spray, azelastine, (antihistamine) was going to cost a client $100 dollars using his insurance.  By not using his insurance and looking through goodrx.com, the cost was only $25.00.  Another example is with an inhaler used as a daily controller therapy for asthma.  Once client was paying over $200 a month out of pocket.  Using goodrx.com, that cost, for the exact same inhaler was $55.00.  Lastly, a prescription, generic antibiotic which would be over $50.00 cash or more at one pharmacy was only $5.00 using goodrx.com.  This does not work for every medication, but it does work for a lot.  The best part about this is that you can still turn in the cost to your insurance for the amount to get added towards your deductible.  You just must do the submission of paperwork yourself.  Every insurance plan has forms that can be downloaded and sent in with receipts so that whatever you have paid cash for upfront, can be counted towards your deductible and out of pocket accumulation.  Doing this for other medical expenses can also save a significant amount of medical costs.  Always talk to your health care provider BEFORE any procedure to see what the cash pay price is.  Most offices will give you a significant cash pay discount if you do the leg work with your insurance.  The key is settling on a price BEFORE the encounter as once the billing as been submitted to the insurance company, it can not be changed back to a cash pay discount.  Lets all work together to try and decrease medical care costs!