Allergy Drops vs. Allergy Shots

Allergy shots and allergy drops are both designed to help your immune system become less sensitive to allergens. Allergy shots and the drops contain very little amounts of the allergen that cause your allergies, however, both of these methods could still produce a reaction. At Columbia Allergy and Asthma a protocol is put into place to have patients stay a few minutes after receiving their dose to monitor local reactions and make sure the immune system responds properly.

Allergy shots are FDA approved and are supported by evidence to be a more effective therapy. Marcy will order allergy drops for those patients who prefer them but, since the drops are not FDA approved most insurance companies will not cover them.

Allergy shots are given a few times a week for the first couple of months and then the frequency declines as the doses become more concentrated. Allergy drops should generally be taken every day unless prescribed otherwise. Allergy shots are given in an office, normally given under the skin in the upper arm. The allergy drops are liquid drops that are placed under the tongue and are taken at home. This process is continued about three to five years in hopes of providing lasting immunity.